1) 4/4 - VIOLIN


  • Spruce top

  • Two-piece back

  • Maple pegs, Metal tail piece with 4 individual fine tuners

  • Maple chin rest

  • Blackanized maple fingerboard, Finely detailed scroll

  • Horsehair bow The bow is pre-rosined Case is lightweight and padded


  • Beautiful Spanish Guitar Styling
  • Nylon strings
  • Classical style open tuners
  • Natowood fretboard and bridge
  • Elegant Basswood back and sides
  • Ornate sound hole binding
  • Protective carry bag and instructional DVD included
  • Overall length 38". Width of the nut 1 11/16" Scale length 25.5"

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Reasons why should you learn, play guitar....

* It is a good remedy for tensions, because you'll turn your focus on playing music rather than thinking of what you don't want, in-short, it helps you to relax,feel better and more peaceful, you'll be refreshed before you knew!

* Don't know what to do with your free time or you've jz retired? Learning guitar is a good solution, you can acquire a new skill, have fun and occupied your free time. The skill lasts forever and as long as you want to learn, it doesn't matter how old you are...

* Guitar is a very good tool for leisure ,as a hobby-income, it lasts for a life-time, jz like your property, if you know how to take good care of it, it also can make you some side income, when you know how to do it.

* Girl/Boy/Friends are busy? No one to hang-out with? Guitar is your solution, don't worry, it won't say will always be your companion and make you smile again, for sure!!

* Parents who plans for the best for their children, education? sports? make the most out of them, this is a good option too that you can take.

* Guitar lasts for countless of will always stays the same, but not for the songs your playing...

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