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Learn acoustic,electric,classical guitars Now!!!

We Provide Guitar Lessons/tutoring for acoustic, classical and also electric guitar.

*We conduct step-by-step lessons which enable you to easily learn to play the guitar.
*It would be good for peoples who want to relax, have fun, for self-entertaining or to entertain peoples or for learning playing with friends.
*No matter if your new to guitar or if you have learn guitar before for a short period, and find it not easy to play, all of you are most welcome here, we are looking forward for you to learn from us, it would be easy for you here, although we have many guitar students learning from us already, it would be more merit...

Kindly contact Ks Lim now at 017-447 6517 to take up guitar lesson today!!

Thank You very much for giving yourself a chance to learn guitar and to us !!
Have a good day!!

Lim Music Supply & Learning 

is here to provide you, your musical instruments/equipments needs....

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Crazy Train Solo - Randy Rhoads

Beat It Solo - Micheal Jackson

I Believed In A Thing Called Love -The Darkness

点解点解 - Beyond

Enter Sandman - Metallica

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Reasons why should you learn, play guitar....

* It is a good remedy for tensions, because you'll turn your focus on playing music rather than thinking of what you don't want, in-short, it helps you to relax,feel better and more peaceful, you'll be refreshed before you knew!

* Don't know what to do with your free time or you've jz retired? Learning guitar is a good solution, you can acquire a new skill, have fun and occupied your free time. The skill lasts forever and as long as you want to learn, it doesn't matter how old you are...

* Guitar is a very good tool for leisure ,as a hobby-income, it lasts for a life-time, jz like your property, if you know how to take good care of it, it also can make you some side income, when you know how to do it.

* Girl/Boy/Friends are busy? No one to hang-out with? Guitar is your solution, don't worry, it won't say will always be your companion and make you smile again, for sure!!

* Parents who plans for the best for their children, education? sports? make the most out of them, this is a good option too that you can take.

* Guitar lasts for countless of will always stays the same, but not for the songs your playing...

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